SINOBOOM Phase II Construction and Planning

Latest news on the next stage at SINOBOOM

SINOBOOM’s Phase II project covers an area of approximately 100 acres of land, with the a total plant area of 26,000 m² and testing facility of 7,000 m². Construction of the new automated painting production line and telescopic boom assembly workshop, parts processing centre and automated production line is complete, with a capacity of 6,600 telescopic boom lifts.

Phase II is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2020. The Phase I and Phase II facilities will be optimized to reach an output value of 4 billion RMB by 2022. At the same time, overseas R&D centres and marketing networks will be developed with a total investment of 700 million RMB, further consolidating the leading position of SINOBOOM boom lifts.

Phase II will implement a number of advanced, digital intelligent systems, including five automatic production lines, welding robots, intelligent guided vehicles (AGVs), digital warehousing systems, MES production management systems, and more.